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Isaiah 40:31 “…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;…”
Issue No. 18                                                     January 23, 2020


From the Principal’s Desk…

Next Wednesday, January 29th, the recipients of High Honor Roll and Honor Roll certificates will be recognized after Chapel. (Approximately 9:30 a.m.)  They are the following…


High Honor Roll                                                                                                Honor Roll

4th        Jayden Engle                                                                                     Ethan Hoffman

Timothy Kaletin                                                                                  Tege Madera

Joshua Leonovich                                                                                Kayla Provost

Maya Stone                                                                                       Ella Brunelle

Eaven Torruella

Isabella Yiznitsky


5th         Angelina Kaletin                                                                                  David Engle

Noah LaChance                                                                                Brandon Hurtado

Keira McArdle                                                                                  Evalina Kondybko

Alivia Sanchez                                                                                  Malone Rongner

Daniel Spice                                                                                     Jared Santiago

Asher Sweet


6th                                                                                                                  Makhi Bell

Scarlett Facteau

Luke Faeth-Foley

Emily Hoffman

Emily Leonovich

Jayden Padilla

Rylie Rose

Emma Smith

Kylie Spice


7th         Aidan Peterson                                                                                     Enmanuel Contin

Jacob Waah                                                                                        Caley Corriea

Sam Kaletin

Charles Santiago


8th         Kristina Kaletin                                                                                 Andrew Ferguson

Ava LaChance                                                                                    Aiden Torruella

Edison Zheng



Last Thursday, January 16th, the National Geographic Geography Bee was held.  The top three

places were determined from the ten contestants who competed.  They are…

First Place – Malone Rongner   Second Place – Emily Leonovich   Third Place – Scarlett Facteau

Malone Rongner will now participate in the State Level of competition.  All the contestants will be recognized and receive their various awards next Friday, January 31st, during our Pep Rally, which is part of National Lutheran Schools Week.  The awards will be at the beginning of the Pep Rally at 1:45 p.m. in the church sanctuary.


As we move forward for next year, we need your feedback.  Click the link below to see an attached flyer that we would ask you to return as soon as possible, if you have that information for us.

Early Childhood Questionnaire

Please click the link below to see the flyer for National Lutheran Schools Week.  We’re looking forward to celebrating again this year.

National Lutheran Schools week


Marianne Bischoff



 Hot Dog Friday 1/24 ~ Money collected Friday 1/24

Chick-Fil-A Monday 1/27 ~ Money collected Friday 1/24

 Pizza Wednesday 1/29 ~ Money collected Tuesday 1/28

 Hot Dog Friday 1/31 ~ Money collected Friday 1/31

 Chick-Fil-A Monday 2/3 ~ Money collected Friday 1/31



Thank you to those who have volunteered to help on Hot Dog Friday!  The calendar is filled!!



Thank you for your generosity in Chapel offerings during the second quarter.  Kate’s Kitchen receives a check for $394.45.  Our third quarter site has not yet been chosen.





Greetings from PreK and Kindergarten!  This year I am blessed to be involved with both groups of eager young learners.   With the help of Mrs. Kelly, our day is focused on 15 children.  We begin the day together, separating when the academics are taught.  Mrs. Kelly teaches the PreK children and I have the Kindergarteners during these times.

The PreK children enjoy using the Letter People to help them identify the letter name and the sound each represent.  Each Letter Person has a song; the children sing them with enthusiasm each day.  Games and activities are used to go with the lessons.

Math is taught each day.  The children have worked on numbers 0-10, time sequence, numerical order, and shapes.  They have become very good at counting past 30 since they read the School Day numbers with the Kindergarteners each day.

In Kindergarten we also use the Letter People to help read both sight words and CVC    (consonant/vowel/consonant) words.  The children light up when they are able to sound out words.  We play games to reinforce these skills; a favorite is Duck Duck Word.  Stories are read to both groups by myself and Mrs. Kelly.  We use these stories to help with comprehension.  It delights me to hear them retell the stories with the same expressions we used.

Math is taught each day in the afternoon.  We have covered numbers 0-100, time sequence, time to the hour, penny and dime, skip counting by 10’s, and addition.   We play a variety of games to both teach and reinforce skills.

PreK and Kindergarten spend time together most afternoons.  We have art projects – some quite messy – and enjoy time with our 4th Grade Buddies on Thursdays. They get excited when they hear their footsteps.  We use time in the afternoon to learn more about the world.  We have explored apples and pumpkins, Fall and Winter, leaves, Pilgrims and Wampanoags with the First Thanksgiving, and the sky.

Each day ends with Jesus Time.  We have a Bible story each week that shows the children how God loves us and takes care of His People.  The children hear God’s Word, sing praise songs and pray for each other and our Prayer Partners.

I am blessed to be able to continue teaching here where my career began 39 years ago.  I have witnessed the excitement of learning along with the joy of the children understanding that they are LOVED by our Heavenly Father.

Need a boost to your day?  Stop by our classrooms to see FUN during learning!

Miss Heeren




Christmas Program DVD

DVD’s from the Christmas Program are available.  Please reserve yours now, so we know how many more to make.  DVD’s are selling for $3.00 each.




# of copies _________                               $ enclosed____________



Dates To Remember


Monday, January 27th – Friday, January 31st ~ National Lutheran Schools Week

Monday, January 27th – Feed My Faith ~ 6:00 p.m.  Click the link to view the flyer


Wednesday, January 29th ~ Banking Day ~ Recognition of students who achieved Honor Roll/High Honor Roll after Chapel

Wednesday, February 4th ~ Banking Day

Wednesday, February 11th ~ Banking Day

Monday, February 17thFriday, February 21st ~ Winter Break

Monday, February 24th ~ “Feed My Faith” ~ 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, February 26th ~ Banking Day