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Isaiah 40:31 “…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;…”
Issue No. 23                                                               March 4, 2021



Well, the old adage is true so far this year: March has indeed “come in like a lion.” Weren’t Monday night and Tuesday Cold and Windy??!!! Here’s hoping that the month finishes the saying and “goes out like a lamb.”

March is a big month for FLCS. Voters’ Assembly is expected to approve the church and school budget for Fiscal 2022, clearing the way for us to get our school packets to returning families in the next few days after that. This is a full month earlier than in recent years, which will help all of us solidify next year’s plans in timely fashion. Something wonderful is happening: I am, almost daily, getting inquiries from new families, and, as has always been our policy, we will make every effort to secure enrollment spots for returning students. To that end, packets for new enrollments are scheduled to go out April 1st, allowing returning families the remainder of March as an opportunity to respond before open enrollment. I urge all families planning to return to let us know your intentions by returning enrollment forms as soon as possible after receiving them.

A new project which has gotten off to a good start is our testimonial project. Mrs. Ferguson came up with the idea, which I fully support, to ask parents, if they are willing, to submit, via email to the office, a short testimonial about our school and your (and your children’s) experience here at FLCS. Our best recruiting tool has always been word of mouth, and we thought this would be a great way to reach prospective parents with positive input about our school… input from those who matter most: our students and their parents. Chris will create a file of these responses and include the file on our website. We have already received our first few testimonials, and we are so grateful for those words. We also know that not everyone would be comfortable participating, and we of course respect that decision. Our common goal is to keep this school strong and continue to strengthen it, by the grace of God, and we pray for His continued blessings in the next school year.

As always, I am an email or a phone call away. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way.

Robert Lastowski

Interim Principal




Hot Dog Friday 3/5 ~ Money collected Thursday 3/4

Chick-Fil-A Monday 3/8 ~Money collected Friday 3/5

Pizza Wednesday 3/10 ~ Money collected Tuesday 3/9

Hot Dog Friday 3/12 ~ Money collected Thursday 3/11

Chick-Fil-A Monday 3/15 ~Money collected Friday 3/12




Achievement Testing

The week of March 15th through the 19th   is reserved for Achievement Testing. THE TESTING MAY NEED TO CONTINUE into THE NEXT WEEK FOR SOME CLASSES. Students in grades K through 8 will be given the Iowa tests.  Testing will begin around 8:45 a.m. each morning and continue throughout the morning in the Elementary grades.  In the Middle school the testing will be from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday.

If your child has been scheduled for any appointments during the week’s testing, please reschedule, if at all possible.  Once a test begins students cannot enter the classroom until it’s time for the next test. Please make every possible effort to get your children to school on time.  You’ll see the “Do Not Disturb” sign in the windows.  That also then means time will need to be taken from classroom lessons to make up the test missed.  As important as it not to miss the testing, it’s also important that if your child is sick, please do not send your child, so that the child can do his/her best when feeling better.

We do not teach to this test.   The teachers teach the curriculum, and the tests evaluate the strength of the curriculum, as well as the students’ achievement.  However, this is one week out of the whole year of education; one forty-five or 60 minute test on one day.  If a student determines to not take the test seriously, or isn’t feeling his/her best and the results are not reflective of the grades the student has been receiving, the results need to be viewed in context.  These tests also will be asking questions in various subjects that will not be taught until the months after the test.  Here is again where each student needs to be willing to think and do their best.

Each year families are encouraged to have their child have adequate rest and a good breakfast, so that each student can do his/her best; however, it’s true that this is needed each day of the school year for optimum learning to take place.



Sunday March 14th!






Dates To Remember



Friday, March 5th ~ Midquarter

Tuesday, March 9th ~ Midquarter grades go home

Sunday, March 14th ~ Daylight Savings Begins

Monday, March 15th – Friday, March 19th ~ Achievement Testing